my journal to the world.

what does your soul look like beneath all of the things you try to bury it under? 

underneath the makeup, the false pretenses, the dreams that were left undone..

what color is it? what does she sound like? what makes her glow?

is it the way the sun reflects the strength of the universe off your skin? is it the way poetry fills you back up again?

what does your love underneath look like?

have you ever questioned it, at all?


the love underneath was birthed by fate. the three words just so happened to come together on a vision board that was created during a workshop at my college. the findings of the beautiful, ugly, powerful, complex stories of synclaire, the 23 year old, black girl magic writing poet + opportunist + hopeful romantic lead me here. this journal is an expansion of my mind to yours. for me, to explore those same lurking questions + inspire you to ask the same. whether it’s a matter of spilling my poetry, or sharing my life lessons, theloveunderneath is a platform to connect, inspire, + heal.

join me on my journey in exploring the multiple layers to this shit. because, even if you can’t see beyond the dirt, regret, + dissappointment that you’re buried in, you’ll see that love lives there, too. feel free to share your stories as well. through journaling, we’ll explore + heal, together.

i’m proud to present to you,




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